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Vapor Phase Deposition - On a modern system VPD metallizations can be applied in high vacuum on a variety of materials. The desired brilliance is only being produced by the previous surface treatment, for reflective surfaces, a high-gloss finish is being applied prior to vapor deposition (plasma-enhanced aluminum vapor).

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Vacuum Casting

We cast close-to two-component polyurethane casting in silicone molds. The range of resins is extensive and includes different degrees of hardness. Color matching according to customer´s wish is possible, as well as the casting of crystal-clear parts and multi-colored glasses. On several vacuumcasting machines PU parts up to 2000 x 1000 x 600 mm can [...]

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Silicone molds

Optimized rapid prototyping models are molded in special silicones and then cast in plastic in a vacuum cast.

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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the ideal process on the way to time-oriented, fast product development. It offers a short-term implementation of ideas into prototypes, where appropriate, through the gradual development of low-cost intermediate models that can be used for design studies, installation or field trials. With the help of rapid prototyping complex models can be manufactured [...]

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A prototype is a base model created from CAD data for mass production. It corresponds to the standard product in all areas (dimension and material).

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Original model

The original model is normally manufactured in rapid prototyping (SLA, SLS, FDM), optimized and polished, molded in silicone and produced in a vacuum cast.

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Secure data transfer (eg CAD) records via special software.

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On a modern system VPD (Vapor Phase Deposition) metallizations can be applied to a variety of materials (ABS and PC plastics, resins, SLS, 2K polyurethanes, metals, glass). Vapor deposition is possible with gold, silver, copper, chromium, chromium-nickel. As a protective layer plasma or SIO/SIO2-application under clean room condition is effected.

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Precise measurement of components of all types - manufacturing of measuring protocols - target-performance comparison of the workpiece and the 3D geometry data.

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