Provision of quality products is one of the highest priorities in our company. Therefore, we have an extensive and flexible machinery that fulfills the demands of a modern quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and meets our customers’ needs for consistently high quality in all areas.

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Stiefelmayer measuring machines

For our measurements we only use machines of one of the most renowned manufacturer of 3D coordinate measuring machines and hardness and spring testing instrument: Stiefelmayer Reicherter.

Available measurement plate sizes:

6000 x 2500 mm2 1 piece 2 measuring arms
6000 x 3000 mm2 1 piece 2 measuring arms
3000 x 1500 mm2 1 piece 1 measuring arm
4000 x 1500 mm2 1 piece 1 measuring arm

6 CATS work stations
for surface measurement and geometry measurement

for quick comparison of different data sets



Characteristics of the system:

  • Size of plate: X = 1000 mm, Y = 1200 mm, Z = 600 mm
  • Achievable accuracy according to DIN EN ISO 10360-2:2001 in plane and space
  • MPEE = (1,9 + L/300) (microns)
  • Resolution ViScan: 768×576 pixels with 6 micron x 6 micron pixel size
  • RDS swivel: 20736 positions in 2.5° steps
  • Evaluation Software: Calypso


  • Area scanning in all angular positions
  • Measurements of free-form surfaces
  • Measurements of 2-D elements with optical image analysis, with single-point, scanning or reticle method
  • Measurements according to measurement plans
  • Measurements according to Catia V.5 CAD data

Measurements as a service

Do you have complex measurement tasks, but no appropriate equipment? We will carry out your measurements and provide you with the records. Contact us and we will make an offer in accordance with your requirements.

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