Electrics / Electronics

In our electronics lab, we realize customer requests when it comes to lighting, light movement and light control. Our electronics technicians cooperate closely with optics simulation, CAD construction and model construction to ensure that they find the perfect solution at the right time.

We develop electronic switching systems and transform them into a PCB layout, we assemble the finished circuit boards, solder and test them. We use a microprocessorcontrolled
reflow oven containing adjustable temperature profiles for SMD components.
The PCB technologies we apply include standard FR4 single- and double-sided PCBs, multilayer PCBs, flex PCBs, aluminum core PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs. For urgent projects, we produce prototypes with our own PCB milling machine. We use all kinds of illuminants including LEDs TH and SMD, laser diodes, OLEDs. Our close contact with our suppliers ensures that the latest technology will be implemented and we also have access to the new component products that are still not available in market.

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We offer various control systems to give light a perfect stage. These may be simple or individual remote control devices. These also include wireless remote controls and running light controls, programmed hardware-related in C/C++ as well as universal programmable light controls with scenarios for lighting events and show cars, which can be operated with smartphones or tablets.