The Josef Hofmann Modell- and Leuchtentechnik GmbH puts one of the latest PVD coating systems into operation.

In order to satisfy the high efficiency and quality standards in the field of model making the company invested about half a million Euro into one of the biggest and latest PVD coating systems. Therewith the company pursues its strict policy to guarantee product quality and customer satisfaction.

With this new system of a renowned manufacturer from South Germany parts up to the size of 900 – 2800 mm (plastic, glass, metal, ceramics etc.) can be coated with high vacuum aluminum vapor deposition. The coating materials used are pure metals like aluminum, chrome or copper. Moreover, the system can be upgraded with a sputtering source with which alloys like stainless steel can be applied. Subsequently the applied layers can be furnished with an effective corrosion protection via the integrated Plasma CVD source.

The system is furnished with the latest and most efficient technique. Turbomolecular pumps with active magnetically levitated rotors are used for high vacuum generation. These pumps which are nowadays mainly used in the semiconductor industry as well as in optics enable the application of clean layers and are practically maintenance-free.

Compared to the so far used oil diffusion pumps it is more environmental friendly due to a 90% lower energy consumption.

All common attachments in the exterior and interior of vehicles can be processed due to the large dimensions of the interior space of the system.