The Josef Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik GmbH takes part as an exhibitor at the international symposium for automotive lighting for the 4th time since 2007.

Many automobile manufacturers and system suppliers trust in our know-how when it comes to the construction of functional models and samples in the exterior and interior lighting of vehicles. The symposium is an important event for us as a supplier of the automotive industry. As in previous years we had the opportunity to foster our long-term customer relationships and to establish new contacts. The Ingolstädter Fräszentrum GmbH, a further company of the Hofmann group, introduced itself together with the Modell- and Leuchtentechnik GmbH. Its core skills lie in the manufacturing of precise milled parts for prototypes. Products which require highest precision are lightguides, reflectors, inner optical hives and cover plates. Furthermore, the Ingolstädter Fräszentrum GmbH mills materials of different densities like clay and steel.

Explosion type R8 headlight with shutter

This exhibit is a technical sample, provided by Automotive Lighting, and presents our competence as manufacturer of prototypes in the production and development of single parts.

  • Plastic parts -> rapid prototyping, vacuum casting, injection moulding, milling
  • Reflectors, light guides, heat sink -> milling
  • Metalized surfaces, PVD plasma coating -> vaporization
  • Printed circuit board, mounting, cabling -> electronic

Audi Q3 rear lamp

The rear lamp is a 1:1 comparison of prototype with series. The construction of the rear lamp took place in the CAD with strakdata.

ISAL 2013 Q3 Heckleuchte Josef Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik GmbH Ingolstadt

Audi A8 section model with light function

The areas of modelmaking and electronics are emphasized with this exhibit.

ISAL 2013 A8 Teilbereichsmodell Josef Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik GmbH Ingolstadt

The areas of modelmaking and electronics are emphasized with this exhibit.
This section model was constructed in the CAD with provided strakdata and milled out of block material with a density of 0,7g/cm³, in the milling center. Subsequently the components were finished according to DKM and varnished. The chrome part was built up in stereolithography and vaporized in VPD-processing. In order to present the lighting functions our electronics engineers programmed a light control. All LEDs of the Audi A8 series headlamp are newly cabled, controlled separately and operable via tablet or smartphone. All required components, including WLAN access point, are placed within the series headlamp housing. This reflects the space saving construction in the prototyping stadium. The shown light functions of the daytime running light and direction indicator present the possibilities of chaser functions which we can offer our customers.

Light control

The light control ULC is shown here. Depending on the expansion stage between 8 and more than 256 channels can be individually switched, dimmed and the temporal behavior can be set in sequences and scenarios. The ULC is a tool which can be used for the development of headlamps, rear lamps as well as interior lighting. The ULC was shown on this years ISAL with an extension of the serial port with which even complicated running lights can be created. A serial interface is sufficient for controlling up to 1024 RGB diodes via just 3 lines. A folded running light with 60 RGB LEDs was shown as a universal rear lamp with demonstration of various lighting scenarios.

ISAL 2013 Lichtsteuerung Schraeder Josef Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik GmbH Ingolstadt

Bicycle Saddle

This bicycle saddle was made in cooperation of our apprentices in the CAD (technical product designer) and modelmaking (technical model builder). The following skills of the departments were introduced:

  • Data feedback for construction and design development
  • Construction of the saddle and lamination of the saddle surface with carbon
  • Mechanical processing of the saddle support with turning- and milling machines
  • Vacuum casting of the apparent surface
  • Painting of all surfaces
  • Programming and manufacture of the electronic control for the running light

Sill plate

This exhibit was developed by our lighting team to demonstrate day/night designs. Unlit only a vaporized, smooth surface can bee seen. Switched on via touch a lettering in night design can be seen. This model demonstrates our competences in the processing of the metal bar, fiber optics design and light transmission as well as electronics.