MLC -Multi Light Control

(Multi Light Control)

PWM - system for control of up to 255 light sources with adjustable brightness

Functional description:

With this control unit experiments can be done and presentations can be hold in the area of car lighting. It is a valuable tool for the design process of exterior and interior car lighting systems. With MLC up to 255 light sources can be controlled. The brightness control is realized with PWM (Pulse width modulation) with a resolution of 8 bit or equivalent 255 discrete steps. This allows to generate over 16 Million reproducable colors with a RGB LED.


The graphical control program runs on a PC. The outputs are switchable individually or in different groups. Light groups can be set up free. Switching and brightness states can be controlled manually or by running on a demonstration scene. To enhance the local flexibility the system can be operated without a PC. The control software runs under Microsoft Windows and consists essentially of 3 parts:

Channel configurator, scene editor and show editor.

Configurations shows and scenes can be stored in a manually editable format. The existing software is very flexible and can easily be adopted to customer requirements