FDM Maxum

Fused Deposition Modelling - FDM Maxum

The CAD model of a component is broken down into individual thin layers by a computer system. These layers are created by thermal melting of ABS plastic and thus the real model is built layer by layer. The parts produced can be processed and used for demonstration, installation patterns or as a master pattern for the manufacture of silicone molds, by which small batches can be produced in a vacuum casting process.

Since the beginning of 1999 we are using a Stratasys FDM Maxum system to produce our prototypes for the light manufacturing. The advantage of this system is that the parts can be produced in short time and can be used immediately. Because of the material FDM prototypes are very dimensionally stable and accurately. Thus it is possible to produce everything from a simple prototype up to the quality of a DCM model.

The designed space of the system is 600 x 500 x 600 mm.

  • Styling pattern
  • Functional pattern
  • Volume models
  • Prototype parts
  • Data control models